Child Protection

Who Needs to take the Child Protection Training Course?

 If you are volunteering or employed at our church, school or any of its events where children are involved, you must be in compliance with the Diocesan Policy on Child Protection.

To be in compliance you must take an Initial Child Protection course, have all paperwork given to you at the initial course completed and on file with the diocese.

Each year after you complete the Initial Training Session, you are required to take an online refresher course.
The course is usually available on the diocesan website after August 1 of that school year.

Starting In May of 2017:
We will be requiring that CANTS forms be filled out each year at the time of enrolling your child at ICS or in IC-PSR. This is so that it will become a routine part of your yearly paperwork and thus keep you updated on the Diocesan Child Protection Policy.
If your child is not a student at ICS or in IC-PSR, you will be mailed a CANTS form, or feel free to stop by the PARISH office and ask for one.

If you are coaching or volunteering as a PSR teacher or Leader in a ministry involving youth, you are also required to fill out a background check form for the state of IL unless you have been fingerprinted due to employment with our parish or Diocese.

If at any time you would like to check your status for compliance with the diocesan policy, please contact Kara at the parish office 281-5105  

Below are links to forms that need to be updated and filled out.

You should receive a packet of forms at the initial training course.

The forms below should be printed and filled out if you have been notified that you need to update or fill that particular form out.

Volunteer Application


Instructions for Initial Child Protection Process

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