PSR Student Registration

PSR Registration Information

If you are not a member of the parish but would like permission to attend our PSR Program, please contact the program coordinator at 618-281-5105 ext.352

As a Full Stewardship parish, we do not have tuition.  Please contribute generously to the parish collection either through the Sunday envelope or On-line giving. For the 2022-2023 IC-PSR year the book fee is $45.00 per student to be paid at registration.  If you are not a registered member of the parish please contact Hope Wienhoff at 618-281-5105 ext. 352.  

Your P.S.R. registration is not complete until you have submitted your 2021 Annual Stewardship Commitment Form

If you have already completed your 2022 Annual Stewardship commitment form you may skip this step.

 We will contact you by email with your child's class placement in early August.

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